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The Decking dilemma—which to choose? Its 100% your choice!

Probably  the most difficult decision to make when building a deck is what  type of  decking to use. All  three choices—5/4 x 6-in. radius-edged cedar,  pressure-treated and composite  decking—share similarities. They’re all rot  resistant to varying degrees,  require 16-in. joist spacing for proper support,  and can all be cut and installed using  conventional tools and fasteners.

But alas, there’s no perfect choice. All have  tradeoffs. Figure out what  characteristics are most important to you, then make  your selection based on  that.


Composite is the most expensive but no doubt worth the cost if you want it to last a lifetime with zero maintenance.




The pros and cons of Cedar decking


If  the natural look of wood is tops on your list, use cedar. The heartwood  of  the tree (the deeper colored red part, not the white sap part) is rot   resistant. Cedar doesn’t readily absorb moisture— and, since moisture is what   creates twisting and splitting, cedar decking tends to lie flat and straight.   Most carpenters figure a lifespan of 15 to 20 years for cedar deck boards,  but  it can deteriorate faster when used for ground-level decks       and  for  shaded decks that are slow to dry out.

 To retain the color, you have to clean it and reseal it every year or two, and even then it’s a losing battle. I’ve never seen a 10-year-old cedar deck that still had that warm, rich look of new wood. Cedar is also soft; when used for stairs or for decks where furniture gets dragged around a lot, the edges in particular can get beat up. Finally, the cost of the cedar is moderate, more than pressure-treated but somewhat less than composite


The pros and cons of pressure-treated  decking


If  economy and longevity are your bag, go with pressure-treated wood. It’s  stainable,  hard enough to resist abuse.



This deck below was old treated deck so installed new rail system and Composite quick caps over existing decking and BAM now look!




Deck Below is with new treated with Steel roof

Composite Deck Galion



This customer wanted a deck on back of their house with a roof built over part of it..






The pros and cons of Composite decking


If  near-zero maintenance is your goal, buy composite decking. Most is made  from  recycled plastic and wood chips or sawdust. It’s more expensive than  cedar, but  once it’s down, it won’t rot, splinter or twist. The color change is  even.  You can even stain most types after four to six months. Since the  material is  defect free, you can use every inch. Maintenance involves spraying  it off with  a hose. Some people don’t like the look of the stuff and it’s cold  on bare  feet. But if you want to relax on your deck instead of work on it, bite  the  bullet and spend the extra cash.



We build our decks sturdy and with A+ quality, built to last.



This composite deck was built for a customer in Galion. They loved it once we was done. Maintenance free! Well worth the price.




This customer in Marion wanted to keep the same look to her deck, it was worn and rotting away. We tore it down and replaced with treated lumber and painted it for her with the same colors she had. She was so excited when we was done. It looked the same in color but was brand new.  She loved the cream color and green like she had before.









Check out this deck below with built in plant holders and benches.





 Deck above pool area. Lovely view.





This customer already had a nice concrete porch so we suggested to add composite railing. He loves it and will never have to worry about painting or staining his old railing again.


Before photo of 25'x8' front porch. I removed decking, re did floor joists. Installed new deck boards, Steps, rail, spindles and 4x6 columns. All done start to finish in 7 days with help just 1 of those days.

Looks alot better below


Small composite deck with aluminum Rail

2 level deck with screened in part